Dominic du Boulay.

– December 19th 1980

My Astro chart Character Profile

Sagitarius, Monkey in chineese, Red Self-Existing Serpent, Life Path #4

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Dominic du Boulay

A self-made man born in Montreal December 19th 1980. I am an entrepreneur, business & user experience designer generating unique customer experiences.

I started my professional career at the age of 14 years old as a shoe salesman at Yellow group that was back in 1994. This is where I learn the key and #1 step of a sale is a proposition – offering something : suggesting !

In 1999 at the age of 19 years old I got hired as an account executive at – a fortune 500 company based in Arizona – selling IT equipment. This is where I learned the business to business sales from experts and multiple training from elite sales rep : HP, COMPAQ, CISCO, IBM, name it. I know quite alot about computers.

In 2012 I founded the online food store ClubGourmet. Which was closed in 2018, when my mom passed away.

In 2019 I founded the hosting platform was born, to help small and medium businesses to afford technology solutions at a good price, with a simple monthly packages !

In 2021 I founded to specialize in user experience design for medium and large companies – Simplifying complexity in 1, 2, 3 manner.

1. Creative design 💡
2. Web development 🖥
3. Broadcasting 🎯
Results📈 Guaranteed !

From 2022-2023 I joined wassc technology as UX/CX and marketing manager. Also founded and became la Spiruline de Julie’s webmaster.


Ikigaï is a Japanese concept that means your REASON FOR BEING. In Japanese IKImeans life, and GAÏdescribes value or worth.

Passionate & Resourceful

Great analytical skills and excellent abilities to vulgarize information, to give abstract ideas a shape and form.

I have the ability to influence and catch the eyes of even the most reluctant.

I have the ability to develop long-term business relationships.

I take responsibility for making sure that all my goals are achieved.

I have a great ability to connect with people.

Ease of prototyping ideas and concepts, giving a structure to solutions.

My approach to design

User-centered, thanks to the understanding of the user through qualitative research. Then putting the User at the center of the experience.

Co-creative, involving all stakeholders in the design process.

Sequencing, by partitioning a complex service into separate processes.

Proof, by visualizing service experiences and making them tangible.

Holistic, by considering the points of contact in a network of interactions and users.

Computer & IT Skills

From creating a beautiful WordPress site, powered by Divi’s Elegant Theme’s , to online stores with WooCommerce, to WP-Engine hosting on state-of-the-art cloud servers. From Google Web Mastertools to logo and image creation with Photoshop and Illustrator.  Small corporate video productions with Adobe Premiere. Remote management of your Windows or Apple workstation, via supRemo.  I can also offer support for your cell phone running IOS or Android. A Windows email solution with emClient or Apple Mail on Mac. IP phone system with Counterpart’s BRIA software. For a phone system with extension, directory, queues and more. We got a few tricks up our sleeve !

– what I love the most, after work

My boy, ski, spa and golf!

– sun, moon and stars !

Do you believe in the science of astrology ?

According to my birthdate, time and location of birth.
I am a Sagittarius, Monkey, Red Self-Existing Serpent, I have a Life Path of 4.
My human body design : Generator
My inner authority : Emotional – Solar Plexus
My strategy : To Respond

“In Ancient Greece, the philosopher Socrates famously declared that the unexamined life was not worth living. Asked to sum up what all philosophical commandments could be reduced to, he replied: “Know yourself.